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Halal fresh beef, natural spices, salt, extra virgin
olive oil.
All natural, free from artificial colourants and

Product description

Product made from fresh beef finest cuts, mixed
with natural spices and fried in extra virgin
olive oil

Preservation and shelf life

Once opened, keep cold.
Best before: 390 days from the date of lot

Nutritional Information

Carbohydrates: 2,34 %
Sugars: 0,13 %
Proteins: 31,45 %
Fat: 10,86 %
Satured fatty acids: 2,01 %
Chlorides: 2,16 %
Calculated Energy: 234,9 Kcal 100g


Presentation piece: glass jar in plastic box
Width: 90 mm / Height: 120 mm
Packaging size: 90 mm x 120 mm x 85 mm
Jar weight: 300 g. net / 500 g. brute approx.
The product meets the controls needed tu ensure the highest
quality, based on implementation of the HACCP system


Box size: 360 x 400 x 300 mm
Tara box: 600 g
Weight box: 16 Kg.
Unit per box: 32


Pallet type: European
Total pallet weight: 425 approx.
No. boxes per pallet: 25
No. cases per layer: 5
Height: 1500 cm
Tara pallet: 20/25 Kg.
Pieces per pallet: 800