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Halal fresh beef, salt, sugar, dextrose,
antioxidant E331-E316, conservative E250
All natural, free from artificial colourants and

Product description

Product made from fresh beef finest cuts,
chopped and mixed with natural spices, stuffed
and undergone a drying process under
controlled conditions.

Preservation and shelf life

Once opened, keep cold.
Best before: 390 days from the date of lot

Nutritional Information

Carbohydrates: 0,9 %
Sugars: 0,19 %
Proteins: 55,07 %
Fat: 8,08 % 
Satured fatty acids: 3,84 %
Chlorides: 5,57 %
Calculated Energy: 296,6 Kcal 100g


Presentation piece: plastic vacuum packed in carboad box
Long piece: 250 mm x 200 mm
Packaging size: 250 mm x 200 mm x 1 mm
Workpiece weight: 100 g.
Packaged in a plastic vacuum
The product meets the controls needed tu ensure the highest
quality, based on implementation of the HACCP system


Box size: 360 x 460 x 250 mm
Tara box: 600 g
Weight box: 10.200 g.
Unit per box: 60


Pallet type: European
Total pallet weight: 244/270 approx.
No. boxes per pallet: 24
No. cases per layer: 4
Height: 1.500 cm
Tara pallet: 20/25 Kg.
Pieces per pallet: 1.440