Andaluzza The company intends to placed on the market with a fresh and innovative image,
according to their product. Opting for a professional design, which is transmitted
consumers elegance and savoir-faire.

New Sausage Concept

Traditional Flavor Beef Sausage

Alqueria Halal begins to meet the consumer needs of a market that is not currently found. Quality beef sausages. It is a newly created company, located in a new facility adapted to HACCP systems.

Its objective is to project a modern industry based on the high quality of the manufactured products, which try to reproduce the traditional production system in a controlled way.

The center has a production capacity of 7,000kg per month, with the capacity to double this production.

The Preparation

The preparation process is manual, following old recipes from the Andalusian era, which are still used in our region.

We believe in totally handmade production following the traditional methods of the north of the province of Granada.

It is an ideal place for curing sausages, as it is a cool and dry climate in the Sierra de la Sagra, at an altitude of 1000 meters above the sea.

The production is carried out with selected hala l meats , using only the best part of fresh veal, all natural, without adding additives, artificial colors or preservatives.

The Al-Andaluzza Brand

We intend to place ourselves in the market with a fresh and innovative image. We have opted for professional packaging, which conveys elegance and savoir-faire to consumers. We chose Al-Andaluzza as a brand, since it unites the tradition of Al-Andalus with the sublime flavor of the Andalusian style.

We have a packaging line where each product has a unique design, each product tells us a story.

Our Company


SQUARE METER In our Production Center


KG PER YEAR Total Production


KG OF MONTHLY PRODUCTION Capable of service duplication

Halal farmhouse

The company has always attached great importance to its commitment to its employees as a demonstration of its belief that the company’s greatest asset is its people.


Instituto Halal works to certify products and services, obtain accreditation and international recognition and promote the achievement of the halal standard in Spain and Europe.


With the name Rural Quality, the European Association of the Territorial Quality Mark recognizes products characterized by a differentiated quality and certifies their development and production in rural areas throughout Spain. In other words, this is the brand that distinguishes products that really are THE BEST OF EVERY PEOPLE.


We are a new company, but we work for the recognition of the quality of our product to obtain more licenses.

Advantages Of Alqueria Halal

  • Without competition in the market for products offered by Alqueria Halal, we hope to fill the market gap found in this sector with high quality and attractiveness for the consumer.
  • All of our products are backed by Halal certificates, which means better quality, cleanliness, taste and color.
  • Quality and know-how in product development.
  • Innovative product, produced in the old tradition of processing and drying as produced in the north of the province of Granada.
  • The drying situation and climate make it special.
  • Ensure the quality of the product to be obtained, as well as raw materials. Quality over quantity.
  • Presentation of the product attractive to the consumer.
  • Healthy and quality product, low in fat and cholesterol, a perfect product for all types of diets or for people concerned about their health.